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Thank you for being interested in advertising with Brevity!  Let us know what your needs are and contact us.  We encourage you to reach out sooner than later, as our rates will increase as our influence increases.


Sponsor a Contributor’s Blog Post:

Brevity contributors write compelling blogs that viewers love to read.  What is your company's niche?  Brevity's main contributor topics include Community Stories, Travel, Lifestyle, and more..  Do you have a niche audience within one of these segments?  You can sponsor the blog post for $150, which includes a $25 Facebook boost.


Ads in Contributor Blog Post

Brevity will put your display ad (photo or gif) in our blog. Viewers who read the article will be one click away from your website/landing page.

  • 10 Blogs: $150

  • 15 Blogs: $200

  • 25 Blogs: $325

  • 25+ Blogs: ask for a quote


Website Banner Advertisements:

Home Page Static Advertisement - Below the navigation:$100 per month

Static Banner Advertisement - Side of website:$100 per month

Non-Homepage Advertisements: such as advertisements on our Parenting, Business, Finance, or Community Stories.  These pages may be more of your niche.  For prices on these, please ask for a quote.


Sponsor a Story:

If there is a story you love and would resonate with your target market group, we want to hear.  If you don’t have a story or for some reason we are unable to use your idea, we have you covered.  We will create a compelling story for you.  This will cost $250 and includes a $25 Facebook boost.  

  1. While shooting your story, we will create a short Facebook/Instagram story and mention it is sponsored by your company. 

  2. We will post the story on our website as a blog.  

    1. The blog will include your contact information

    2. A photo/logo

    3. A hyperlink to your website/landing page.

  3. The blog will be posted on our Facebook account.

    1. We will tag you in the Facebook post so you can share it with your audience.

    2. We will boost the post from Facebook to your target audience.


Sponsor a Franchise Story:

A franchise story is a series of stories you can sponsor.  These are stories that are produced monthly.  If you have an idea, we would love to hear it!  We have seen franchise stories about veterans, amazing stories from non-profit organizations, health awareness stories, and much more.  Pricing varies.

Email Newsletter:  

Sponsor a newsletter that goes out to our email list.



Custom Proposals:  

Brevity wants to help local businesses.  If your business has specific needs or custom requests, we try to accommodate you.  Please let us know if you have an out-of-the-box way to help business grow.

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