4 Easy Ways to Create a Beautiful Home

I LOVE home decor. I love admiring beautifully decorated homes in magazines and love trying to copy them myself. However....these days I find myself a little overrun sometimes by little boys in my house and my days of decorating look a little different. Which may be why one day....when browsing beautiful home decor images posted by one of my favorite shops in Wichita, Urban Interiors....a grand idea came to me. Maybe they'd be willing to share some of their beautiful items and show us how to make our own homes beautiful. I shot them a message and they were so gracious to play along with my idea!

Some of you may have seen my Facebook live a little over a week ago when Cheris Coggins and Trish King from Urban Interiors were in my home sharing some great tips helping me - and anyone watching - get that put together decorated home that magazines are made of. We're not talking decorating where you have to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve your look (although trust me - when you see all the beautiful things in their shop it would be VERY easy to do!), rather the decorating where you use mostly what you have with maybe the addition of an item or two.

Those two have a gift of seeing color, height and texture and it was so fun watching them completely transform my mantel in less than 20 minutes. They also took a stab at redoing my entryway table and you can see those results in a video share at the bottom of this blog. I thought I'd share some of their thoughts and advice here to help all of us enjoy beautiful homes. No matter the season- the principles of decorating they shared are universal. They're also not difficult...but they do require your ability to try and see things differently. I can't wait to try some of these ideas with my Christmas decor this year!!! Anyway - I'm no decorating professional, but I do love pretty things. So here's my take on what Cheris and Trish shared with me! If you happen to try some of these tips....make sure you post a pic of what you create and tag Brevity as well as Urban Interiors on Facebook or Instagram. We'd love to see your ideas!!! Here we go:

Take what you already have and put it somewhere different.

This was probably the most effective take-away for me from this experience because once you relocated one item, you likely relocate something else as well and this leads to a transformation and you didn't have to buy anything new! For example, a wreath doesn't have to go above the fireplace. It can go on a door, the wall, maybe even a window. Garland doesn't have to hang from the can be moved to a completely different room to add some fall color (or holiday cheer) there. The scales you see in this picture of my entryway have always been on the fireplace mantel...but I LOVE using it in my entryway! If you pull out your fall decor and put things out in the same place year after're in a rut friends and the best way to change things up is to put something somewhere different. It may take a little more time to shift everything else around....but I bet you'll love your new look!

Less is more.

I tend to get caught up in the "more is better" mantra...but these ladies from Urban Interiors showed me that pulling back can be just as effective. Instead of a bunch of leaves and twigs shoved in a vase - try just one stem. If you find yourself really fighting to make one more thing fit on your mantel...maybe try leaving it out. My cute little squirrel shelf you see here was way overrun by baskets, signs and pillows before. There's peace and beauty in having several chosen, well-placed items instead of dozens of items stuffed on a shelf. (Although I do still gravitate toward some classic over-filling!!)

Layer, layer, layer.

Look for places to layer. Meaning set somethings to the far back...somethings at the front and then weave a few things in between the extremes. This creates depth and interest. For example, I tend to put the same thing on both sides of my scales. (See above.) These ladies showed me that not only can I put different things on them...but I can layer them. A small picture up front, a pumpkin in the back. Candlesticks on my mantle...instead of lining them up in a row, try placing them in a triangle.

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Mix it up!

A direct quote from Cheris, "Don't be afraid to mix metals." Meaning mix rustic silver with traditional brass. Mix a few rustic things with something more contemporary. Mix traditional with primitive. When you mix these mediums it will likely create a variety of texture in your decor...and that creates interest and pretty spaces!

Don't mind the pillow and blanket - it's my child proofing!

I'm still loving the new look in my entryway and fireplace and am excited to try these same techniques when I get our Christmas stuff out in a few weeks! Don't miss the video below where Cheris and Trish talk through how they decide what goes where! And make sure you stop by Urban Interiors on East Douglass Street - they're located at Eaton Place - to be inspired by all their beautiful Christmas decor! Maybe even treat yourself to something new to make your home extra beautiful this holiday season...I know I hope to!