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A $1,000 Community Challenge

By Dylan Hagen

How did we raise close to a $1,000 in less than an hour for the Ronald McDonald House.  We started with 25 bucks and 90 minutes. While you're thinking about what you'd do to turn 25 bucks into $1,000....let me explain the back story. 

I started a new sales career with Thrasher (basement waterproofing & foundation repair). You may have heard of them or seen the Thrasher signs in your neighbors yards. The company won 'Best Place to Work' by the Wichita Business Journal and they have been making an impact in their headquarters of Omaha, NE for 40 years. The company expanded to Wichita two years ago. If you haven't heard of them, keep an eye out. They are redefining the construction industry and will make a big impact in the community.

Now back to our challenge. The following is the letter we received a few minutes before the challenge started.

For our community event we will be partnering with the Ronald McDonald House (Wichita) to provide them with some much needed snack supplies. There are examples of items acceptable for donation.

Individually wrapped cheese or peanut butter and snack packs

Cereal or Nutri-Grain bars

Individual bags of chips

Fruit Snacks

Juice Boxes

Chef Boyardee Cans

Ramen Noodles

Any other individually wrapped snack or quick dinner items that can be stored.

Here is your challenge! Each team will be given $25. You have from noon to 1:30PM to shop, negoctiate, raise, and come up with a plan to maximize your $25 to get the most individually wrapped items for the Ronald McDonald House here in Wichita. Your items can NOT be all the same thing. So, don't go buy 5,000 packages of Ramen Noodles and think your are going to win. Think outside the box, maximize people, or places you know. You must have all your items delivered to the Ronald McDonald House by 1:30PM.

We split up into four teams and hit the road.

That is when the fun started.

Each team had their own strategy. Who's driving? Where do we go first? Do we stay together or split up? Who will talk to the store managers? Who will start filling up the grocery cart?

Individuals were making phone calls while in the car to friends and family. Teams negotiated with managers at Sams, Wal-Mart, Costco, Dillion's and more to get free gift cards. Some team members posted on Social Media for help, others had friends send them money through money apps such as PayPal/Venmo. It was a frenzy... In the end we raised $1,000 and was able to purchase everything you see in the picture below for the Ronald McDonald House here in Wichita.

For the Thrasher team, this challenge required we fulfill our Core Values:

  • ONE TEAM - Work together as a team for a great cause.

  • ONE COMMUNITY - Make a difference in the community we live in.

  • ONE PURPOSE - When we do something, do it right.

  • ONE EXPERIENCE - Create a "wow" factor! Whether it's for our customers or the community.

Here is my challenge for you...

Can you do this at your place of work? What will the results be?

I can tell you...

You will create a stronger team.

You will make a difference in the community.

At the end of the day, you will feel great about what your team accomplished.

Dylan Hagen

System Design Specialist


(cell) 563-506-1550

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