Best BBQ Store.

By Dylan Hagen

I've always enjoyed grilling. Socializing around the grill with friends as I cook something (hopefully) delicious for our family and friends is a pastime I enjoy. Shortly after Katie and I moved to Wichita, I heard about Yoder smokers. The more I learned, the more I knew I wanted one. The reasons you'll find listed below as you continue to read. Long story short, my wife and parents made it possible for me to get a Yoder 640 and I've never looked back. Because of that - we've also become loyal customers at All Things BBQ.

All Things BBQ (ATBBQ) is a Wichita based company that is doing it right. They have a loyal following through several social media platforms. People all around the world are following them and quickly turn from "followers" to "raving fans". At least that is what happened to me and this is my personal opinion on how and why. But first, if you are reading this, enter to win a $100 gift card here: $100 All Things BBQ Gift Card

Five reasons I became a raving fan of All Things BBQ


All Things BBQ does a phenomenal job of educating their customers. They create captivating professional videos that help the average Joe, like me, feel like I can grill/smoke with the best of them. Another thing I like, they aren't selling, they are educating. When I watch the videos, I pick up a few tips on how to grill/smoke better or they explain why a certain product may be a good addition to my grilling arsenal. I have used several of their recipes for family events and holidays and I am always amazed how it turns out.

Great Customer Service

In a world where customer service seems to be disappearing, ATBBQ takes it up a notch! Have you ever been into their store on Douglas Avenue? You will notice right away it's an easy going crew that wants to help in any way possible. They have a customer rewards program. When you spend "x" amount of money, you get $10 off. . Once in a while they have food samples that Chef Tom just finished grilling/smoking. That's aways a tasty treat.

Another nice touch is they have recipe cards for the videos Chef Tom create. When I go in there and say, "I just watched a video on how you smoked a turkey, do you know what products were used?" The employee pulls out a recipe card that was used in the video. All I have to do then is purchase the rubs/injection sauce I need to recreate the video. It's that simple.

If you join ATBBQ Facebook groups, you know if anyone has a challenge or question with a Yoder smoker, it won't be long before you see a comment from "Yoder Herb McBride". Yoder Herb is always taking care of people online.

Products Made in the USA - (the Yoder Smoker line)

I remember when I was little I asked my dad for a Chicago Cubs hat and he took the hat out of my hands and looked at the tag. He gave the hat back to me and said, "No, this hat is made in China". He taught me from an early age to appreciate the things that are American made. That has stuck with me for years! I am not saying I don't buy anything from other countries, but I do admire and become a fan of products made right here in the USA. Yoder Smokers are built right here in Americas Heartland.


The Yoder smokers that All Things BBQ manufactures are second to none! They are built like tanks! The YS640s weighs in at 313lbs! It has 14 gauge steel on the hopper and cart. Mine has over 1,070 square inches for smoking. The new features include built in Wi-Fi, ceramic igniter, and more!


I have the Yoder YS640, which has been upgraded to the YS640s. This smoker sets itself apart from all other smokers on the market. Not only is it a smoker, you can also direct grill on it! The temperature ranges from 150 degrees to 600 degrees. I personally don’t know of another smoker with this capability.

Overall, if you haven't stopped by, go experience All Things BBQ online or at their can find them in the Delano District. You'll likely develop the same loyalty to this family-owned business.