CBD for Pets?

By Natalie Greenlee

In a previous post I shared the numerous health benefits CBD offers people.  But CBD can also benefit many of our pets, specifically mammals.  We both have an endocannabnoid system.  If your pet suffers from conditions such as separation anxiety, joint pain or disease, epilepsy, poor gut health or is just overall hyperactive they could benefit from CBD.  

The most effective way CBD can help your pet is by placing it under their tongue.  If you don’t think that will work you can also put it on your pet’s paw.  There it will not only absorb into your pet’s body but the animal will also lick the area until the CBD oil is gone.

Remember, with CBD less is more.  We like to say, start low and go slow.  You should start with a low dose and increase that dose slowly until you reach the desired effect.  As with humans, different conditions may require different dosing.  Start with a low dose and see what happens at that dose level for a few days to a week.  If necessary, you can increase the dose and observe any changes for another week or so.  Continue doing this until the necessary dose is reached for the condition that’s being treated.  At The Health Connection we carry several options for pets including pet chews, dog biscuits, pet balm and a relax shampoo.

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