Doughnut Grow Up Too Fast...

By Katie Taube

I have really fun memories as a kid of making homemade doughnuts with my mom. The traditional raised, glazed doughnuts. I remember how delicious they were, and how fun it was watching them float in hot oil while cookie and flipping them over to cook both sides. It's no surprise then that I have making doughnuts with our boys on my radar, and when I found and tried this simple recipe....I knew I had to share it! It's not the full-blown homemade doughnut recipe I made with my mom (thanks mom - I know that was likely a TON of work!!!) but it's an easier test-the-waters-while-making-doughnuts-with-young-kids recipe. We'll try the full blown homemade recipe in a year or two....but for now - this recipe I'm about to share is perfect. Easy enough to let the kids help, but so delicious that no matter what unapproved health department events happen while making them - I guarantee they'll all get eaten!

Here's how we made it happen! First, my BFF was in town to help with this project! If your kids are younger, I'd advise having an extra set of eyes around since you'll be dealing with hot oil. Next, you need an electric skillet. A normal frying pan will work too, but the electric skillet makes it easier to control the temperature. You'll need about a half-inch of oil in your skillet. Vegetable, peanut or safflower oils work best! You'll need canned biscuit dough. We loved using the buttery flaky rolls rather than traditional biscuits - but that's up to you! You'll need as much dough as you want doughnuts. We used two cans and made 16 doughnuts and holes. You need your preferred topping. We found a cinnamon/sugar combo and just plain powdered sugar to be two delicious options. You'll also need a small round cookie cutter. I used a pastry cutter like these, but you could use whatever household object will get the job done!

Start heating the half-inch of oil in your electric skillet. It took about 10 minutes for our oil to reach 350 degrees. It seemed to be the perfect temp to cook the doughnuts for a minute on each side. Much more time than that and your doughnuts will absorb a lot of oil while they cook. Again, I'd advise having another adult in the kitchen to supervise the hot oil at all times....BFF was a huge help in that area. While that's heating, you can prep your dough.

If your kids are old enough (my 3 and 4.5 year olds were able to do all this) they can cut out the centers of the doughnuts. An adult should use a metal spatula to lower the doughnuts into the oil. They should be a pretty golden brown after a minute on each side. I think it's easier to only cook 3 or 4 doughnuts at a time. Once they're cooked, use the spatula to remove them from the oil and place them on paper towels to drain and cool.

Once they're cool to the can place them in a bowl of your chosen topping and make them all good and sugary! Then comes the best part - ENJOY!

I really want my boys to know how to cook when they're older and also to have fun memories of cooking with mom, like I have! This recipe was a great way for us to shut out the world (read: phones, TV, computers) and just enjoy being together! The boys loved participating and we ALL loved eating our hard work! What are some of YOUR favorite recipes to make with kids in the kitchen?! Share them in a comment here and I may feature your story and recipe in the future! Here's to having fun with our kids in the kitchen!

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