Easy and Delicious: How to make hot chocolate bombs!

Our finished hot chocolate bombs!

You may have seen these cute truffle-looking chocolates that are called hot chocolate bombs this season. They seem to be pretty popular and on a random impulse purchase (sorry, Dylan) I ordered the chocolate molds off Amazon to try and make them with the boys. I thought they'd be a fun project - and they were! These hot chocolate bombs are fairly easy to make, they're inexpensive to make....and they make such a cute little treat to gift to ANYONE! Who wouldn't love a mug full of decadent hot chocolate? Here I'm sharing how we made you can have fun making memories too!

To make our hot chocolate bombs you will need:

23 oz. bag Nestles milk chocolate chips (you can use other brands besides Nestle, but do NOT use generic chocolate chips, they just don't melt the same in my opinion)

Hot cocoa mix of your choice, we used Nestle Rich Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Mini marshmallows

White chocolate chips or other icing and sprinkles to decorate your bombs

That's it for the ingredients. It would also be helpful to have the following nearby:

A chocolate mold - we used this one from Amazon, it makes 5 bombs in a batch

A small cookie sheet to transfer the bombs to your refrigerator

A couple small bowls and spoons for heating, smoothing and melting chocolate

Lots of patience if you'll be doing this with little ones. Know ahead of time that lots of chocolate chips and marshmallows will be eaten during this process!

My handy kitchen help!

For the molds we used, I melted two cups of the chocolate chips. Start with 30 seconds in the microwave, stir....then continue with 15 second increments. In total it took us a minute to 1:15 total to get our chips melted. Do not overheat the chocolate!!

Put a spoonful of chocolate in each mold and start spreading it around to cover the entire bowl-shape. Do one at a time, trying to make sure there are no holes or gaps in your this will mean holes and gaps in your bomb! When you think you're done....let the mold sit for 5 minutes. Then take the extra chocolate that slides to the bottom and smooth it back up around the mold again. This step is important because it helps to make sure you don't have any holes. Even when you think there are none....there's probably one or two and that will be annoying later!

Once all your molds are nicely coated in chocolate....put your molds in the fridge for a half hour.

When you pull your molds out....gently remove what will look like chocolate bowls. Take half (in this case, five) of the bowls and put in a tablespoon of hot cocoa mix and ten (more if you like - I thought ten was a good amount) mini marshmallows!

Then heat another bowl by microwaving some water for a minute-thirty. Dry the bowl off - careful because it will be HOT!!! Then take the other half of your chocolate bowls and gently melt the edge of the bowl by rubbing it on your heated bowl. Then gently place it on top of the half with the mix and marshmallows. Don't worry if it's not perfectly even - there's a trick to fix that coming up. Just do the best you can!

Once they're put a metal spoon under hot water, dry it off, then use the back of the spoon to smooth around the seam of what is now a chocolate sphere, or bomb! It will help better seal the halves together and smooth out and rough or uneven spots.

Try white chocolate bombs, too!

Next - decorate the top however you want. I've seen people melt the opposite color chocolate chips (so white chocolate if you made brown chocolate, brown chocolate if you made white chocolate) and drizzle that on top....I just picked up a couple pre-made bottles of icing by Wilton, drizzled those on top and dropped a few festive sprinkles!

Place all bombs on a cookie sheet and place back into your refrigerator until you're ready to gift or serve them. Note: they do tend to melt pretty if you're taking them anywhere that's any warmer than room'll want to make sure the hot chocolate bombs can stay somewhere cooler.

If you have kiddos, make sure they get to see the process of pouring a cup or two of HOT milk onto the bomb in a mug....and watch the marshmallows pop up! It's so fun and my boys always cheer when they see those marshmallows! Stir that mug up and enjoy what I think is one of the best cups of hot chocolate I've ever had!

Happy Hot Chocolate Bomb making! Don't forget to head to The Brevity Life's Facebook page to share pics of your finished product and how much fun you had making them!! Hope you enjoy the memories of making these as much as we did!

Such a cute, delicious little gift!