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Military Homecoming

We have a story that's guaranteed to leave you with warm fuzzies. A photo by Erin Kata Photography and Documentary Films caught our attention…everything worked out perfectly for Specialist Andrew Nunnelly to be able to see the birth of his son a few months ago via Facetime while on active duty serving overseas. But he hadn't gotten to meet his son in person…until last week when he returned home and his wife let us be there for the happy reunion.

We're so glad Specialist Nunnelly is back home safe and sound and are grateful for his service. We know that it can be easy to take that service for granted and that more often than we realize families are separated from or reunited with loved ones and just because we don't hear about them on network TV doesn't mean they're not happening…we are so grateful for all they do. Feel free to share this video today with someone who could use a little extra happy.

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