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Trash or Treasure!?

Local Wichita business makes quick work selling your items of value.

Have you guys heard of the popular Netfix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Marie Kondo first came out with several books on her organizational method over the past few years and now she's featured helping families declutter their home and finding joy in a new TV series. We've watched a couple episodes and have done our fair share of getting rid of stuff. But sometimes that stuff has a little more value than the other stuff….and if you're like us…you don't have a ton of time to try and sell things on your own.

There's still another option we found at a local business called e-Drop. One of the biggest benefits is their E-Drop at home option, where they can tell owners what items they can sell for a higher price. In addition, they take those items and take care of listing, selling and shipping them so the owner can get on with what they need to do. Learn more by watching our full story.


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