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The Brevity Life - Katie Taube - FAITH FAMILY HEALTH AND TRAVEL


The Brevity Life

Free health assessment for your gut health

We've had our fair share of challenging circumstances.  Katie had her entire colon removed, Dylan was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (a blood cancer).  We have been through a miscarriage, job loss, and more.  We  refuse to let our life circumstances affect our ability to make the most of this life and these circumstances made us reflect on what is most important to us.  We boiled it down to four values: Faith, Family, Health, & Travel. We hope to offer you encouragement and a positive outlook on life. 

Core Values


We have learned the value of our health and choose to make it a priority and investment. Without health you have nothing. Gut health has made a huge difference in our health journey, click below for blogs & click here for a free gut health assessment.

This is us

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