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Below is a brief description of the services Brevity offers.

Stream YOUR Event Live

YouTube Live Events
Facebook Live Events

Brevity has amazing technology that allows the use of multiple cameras while live streaming to your social media platform (Facebook, YouTube, and others).  For more information and to help us understand your needs, fill out this Google Form.

Engaging Emcee

Katie Taube Keynote Speaker Emcee

Interested in having Katie Taube as your guest speaker?!?! Katie has a compelling way to reach your audience through sharing her years of experience navigating her career in broadcasting.

If you are interested in having Katie speak at your event, please let us know more about it by completing this,

Google Form

Voice-Over Recording

Need a unique voice for your upcoming commercial?  Look no further!  Katie Taube is the voice your commercials need. Contact us for more information, email.

Home Studio

Freelance Writer

Ready to Get Published

Do you have thoughts that you want to put down on paper and don't know how to do it?  That's a perfect opportunity to have Katie Taube sum up what you are trying to say.  Her writing skills may be what you are looking for.  Contact us for more information, email.

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