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30 Great Gifts for Men

When it comes to the men in our lives, they can often times be the most difficult to cross off our Christmas shopping list. Today I'm trying to make your lives easier by offering some unique gift suggestions for men that are easy to shop for online!

1. Engraved Pint Glasses - I love anything personalized and a set of pint glasses can be used in any home - whether they're for beer or any other beverage of choice!

2. Cigar Case- Some may have a humidor, but is it portable? This Cedar Wood lined portable leather cigar humidor case makes a statement and is perfect for the cigar connoisseur!

3. Engraved Whiskey Glasses - Did I mention I love personalized gifts? These can be customized and come in a set of four.

4. Collapsible Chipping Net - For the golf enthusiast! Easy to set up at home (or in the office, wink wink!)!

5. Car Cleaning Kit - Oftentimes a clean car = a happy man. Let them enjoy some quiet time while shining up their hot rod to take you out on the town!

6. Hot Sauce Making Kit - I thought this was such a unique idea. Plus it gets great reviews!

7. DJI Osmo Pocket - Incredibly small and truly smooth video. Great for recording family memories! Record on your device, or let the Osmo record for you!

8. DJI Mavic Mini Drone - We have a few DJI products and my brother-in-law took them a step further with this DJI drone. The video quality is amazing and they create excellent videos!

9. Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera - This is our family camera and we love it! We use this for our Brevity videos! We also have the Sony Alpha a6100 mirrorless camera! It's a little more money, but a fantastic camera!

10. Wireless charger - hassle free charging? Yes please! Make sure the device you plan to charge is compatible.

11. Sonos Beam - Amazing sound! This is my husbands favorite speaker brand. You are able to purchase and build your system as you go. Eventually you can have a speaker in every room of your home. Great for a smart home! Plus many of their speakers are compatible with Google Voice, Alexa, and Apple Home Kit.

12. Saxx Underware - if you're like my husband, Christmas is the one time a year he updates his underwear supply. These have great reviews!

13. Full Size Kegerator - For those of you who entertain, this handy kegerator is a hit of the party!

14. JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker - We have this and love it! Easily portable and great long-lasting battery life.

15. Instant Read Meat Thermometer - My husband got one of these for a gift and loves it! Get an accurate meat temp the moment you use it.

16. Ring Doorbell - These are great! Everyone I know loves having it! It come in several different models, the one shown is the Ring Pro. Plus with so many packages getting delivered, it's a great idea to have one!

17. Nest Thermostat - For the techie smart home lover. Its claim to fame is helping you lower your bills by learning from your habits when to raise and lower the temperature of your home.

18. Yale Door Lock - No keys needed, just use a code to enter your home. Not a bad idea!

19. Watch Case - Help him stay organized and show off his bling.

20. Manscaped -It's real, it was on Shark Tank and from the reviews, men love it!

21. Beard Care Kit - If your man has a beard, you can help him care for it!

22. Pressure Washer - It's electric! (now sing the song) It also gets great reviews.

23. Air Compressor - While this was actually his Father's Day gift, my husband loves his air compressor! It comes in handy, especially when he's working on his Honey-Do list!

24. DeWalt tool set - My husband only uses DeWalt, so the batteries match. Plus, he says the quality is great!

25. GoPro 7 - We love our GoPro! We take it on all our trips. My favorite feature is the wide lens that allows our entire family to get into a selfie photo!

26. Apple Home Pod - It's an Apple product, so you know it's high quality. If you want to use Apple Home Kit for a smart home, this would be your first step.

27. Beer Making Kit - With all the micro-breweries popping up, you may find yourself a hobby that turns into a passion!

28. Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - Great headphones with built in Alexa!

29. Bose Sunglasses w/ Audio - Sunglasses with audio?!?! Yes, you read that correctly! They have great reviews!

30. Bose Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones - These also have a built-in Alexa, and Bose is known for their quality sound.

If your man is into the outdoors and camping, you may like this list!


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