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African Safari * Texas Style

By Katie Taube

This was such a fun and unique experience, I thought I'd share a few tips to help others enjoy a successful visit to Wild Life Safari, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

1. Purchase the Guidebook!

This is important for several reasons. First, it gives you a map of what area you are in. Second, you will see all kinds of animals and the guidebook will tell you the names of each kind of animal. Third, you will know where the picnic areas are.

2. Extra bags of food

The food is for the animals (even though you will see my son tying to eat one in the video). I recommend buying an extra bag of food. That way you have a bag for each kid and for each side of the vehicle. If had go on this adventure again, I would bring a plastic container for the food. The paper bags take a beating (at least they did with my boys). By the end of the safari, it was hard keeping the food in the bag.

3. Get there early!

You know the saying, "Early bird gets the worm." That is true with this safari. The park will only allow so many cars in at a time to space them out to reduce longer lines. This makes sense and it's nice once you get in the park because the cars aren't bumper to bumper the entire time. Also, getting there early allows you to see the animals when they are more active. The Texas heat makes the animals head for the shade during the afternoon hours.


That's right, they allow it! We found a nice area to sit down and eat. It was relaxing! Also, there's a very nice dinning area and also concessions if you don't bring your own food.

We had a blast, enjoy the video and you'll understand why I said, "THIS IS AWESOME!!"


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