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Best Burger in Texas!

When we travel we like to find the best of both worlds: the must-see tourist spots, and the must-see spots shared by locals. The latter is how we found the Best Burger in Texas! You know it's gonna be good when the best burger is from a restaurant that the locals don't want you to know about. But since we have connections with our favorite local San Antonians....we got to visit Chris Madrids!

Chris Madrids opened in 1977 and has been known for its burgers ever since. Unfortunately, a fire threatened the restaurant 18 months ago...but the owners took a bad situation...and made it work. The rough story is they bought the empty lot next door, put up some tents and a food truck...and continued business as normal. That's how they've operated since the they continued to remodel their former building. A few fans and some misters help beat the San Antonio heat and make for a unique and pleasant dining experience. Even if dining in a tent isn't your style, their burgers will make you forget about the tent. Some good news for fans of Chris Madrids, the new restaurant is slated to open by the end of this summer. And oh those burgers. So yummy. The burger was so huge I was sure I couldn't eat it all. But of course I did. Now when YOU visit San Antonio, you need to take a night away from the River Walk and The Alamo...and head to Chris Madrids for a meal you won't forget! Watch our video to see which burger we picked!


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