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Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

The start of school is just a couple weeks away now and I'm trying to cross-off a few more summer-fun experiences before we get back into our routine. One of those was to make our own larger-than-life bubble wand! I originally saw this product on Facebook and ended up having some beginning-of-summer fun with my son's friends and his preschool teacher who happened to have this bubble-magic amazingness.

A picture from earlier this summer when I KNEW we had to make one of these bubble wands!

We had SO MUCH FUN that day...that I knew I had to figure out how to make a similar gizmo to use with my boys.

Super-huge bubble fun!

This picture will give you an idea what I'm talking about. It's basically a couple of "wands" connected by a string that, when used with a bubble magic solution, creates super-huge (a term used by my middle son Fletcher) bubbles!

See? Super-huge bubbles!

What you need: two 1/2" (or close to that size) dowel rods about 3-ish feet long, two screw-in eyes, 2-3 yards of cotton rope, a hardware nut (or other form of counterweight to put on your rope), a gallon of water, a bucket (we like these collapsible buckets - they're very handy to store when not in use), a bottle of Dawn dish detergent, a packet of super bubble powder, a 1c. measuring cup and a spoon (or something to use in stirring your solution). I found most all of this pretty easily....except that darn cotton rope. It took me a couple months (keep in mind I have 3 young boys at home so getting out of the house is never easy or frequent) to find it, but thank you Hobby Lobby! Go to their upholstery area and you'll find cotton rope in all sizes. I'd say mine is 1/4". Hobby Lobby is also a great place to find your dowel rods. The nice thing I discovered? The bubble wands alone cost barely $4 to make. Also - I mentioned Dawn dish soap because the super bubble powder packet says other brands may not work.

Even Shepherd got in on the fun!

These bubbles are so large and pretty!

Follow the directions on your packet, and in the video below, and you'll end up with a gallon of super-bubble-making solution and an hour or two of fun! My boys ran around our yard all night trying to pop these (SUPER) HUGE bubbles. Because the solution is so thick, there's an added benefit of seeing the residue after the bubbles pop!! Have a camera handy for all the fun because there will be lots of picture-worthy bubbles. Making our own bubble wands was so much fun - the boys are already looking forward to the next night we can mix up another batch and have some bubble fun!

Again, here is a list of what you need to make big bubbles!

(we made our bubble wand, but if you can buy it too)


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