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Kanopolis State Park

Trying to catch butterflies, grasshoppers, you name it!

We managed to squeeze in one more summer bucket list item a couple weeks ago and that was a trip to Kanopolis State Park. Our boys are lovers of the outdoors and, while we may not have mountains or ocean here in Kansas, we do have lots of varied terrain and beautiful scenery to explore. Kanopolis State Park is about an hour to an hour and a half's drive from Wichita which makes it an easy day trip. We ended up getting extra lucky and enjoying our adventure on an overcast day so we weren't beat up by the early August sun. If you stop by the park office, the park offers a series of helpful maps of the park and pamphlets of surrounding points of interest, including Mushroom Rock State Park and Faris Cave.

Tall grass, little guy!

Caught a butterfly!

If you have older kids or no kids with you and can avoid an afternoon nap, Mushroom Rock State Park in Brookville, KS is worth a visit. There are lots of large rocks that, as the name would describe, look like mushrooms. If you're headed that way from the south - it's worth a stop in Lindsborg for a yummy meal and a visit to their cute shops while exploring its Swedish heritage.

On the hunt for more!

As for our family, we just seen the morning and early afternoon exploring Split Rock Trail and enjoying a picnic lunch on Buzzard Bay in Kanopolis State Park. Watch our video to see the highlights of our visit.  Also, be sure to subscribe!  That way you get to see our latest videos and we appreciate your support! 


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