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Sunflower State

By Dylan

Fun in the flowers!

I don't know about you, but this past week my Instagram and Facebook feeds have seen a lot of Sunflower photos. Our family makes an annual trip to see the sunflowers too. I really enjoy going to the Klausmeyer Farm and seeing all the different stages of life. Some just engaged, couples with their pets, some expecting their first child, families with kids growing up, grandparents with see a little bit of everything. We typically try to arrive at the fields right around sunset, and it's a happening place to be! There are so many people capturing a moment in time. Even a family having pictures taken of their daughter in a beautiful formal gown. My son said, "Look dad, there's a princess!" Unfortunately, he wasn't talking about his mom.

So much beauty!

This year was my favorite year to take the boys yet. We were able to capture some fun posed photos, and then we captured our boys being boys. As you can imagine, they had a fun time running through the field, trying to catch toads, grasshoppers, and playing in the dirt. Klausmeyer Farm is so generous to provide such a picturesque location and allow all of us to traipse through their field. If you go, please leave a donation to help them cover the cost of the flowers they share with us. You'll see a trailer with a donation box when you're out in the field. The blooms will likely be around at least another week and a half. The Klausmeyers keep everyone up to date on their Facebook page! So grab your family and head to Klausmeyer Farm and make some memories!


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