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The Survival List MUST Haves

As the winds howl and the dark clouds gather, it's important to stay prepared for any unexpected storms or tornadoes that may come our way. One of the safest places during such weather events is the basement. So, what essential items should you keep in your basement to ensure your safety and well-being? Let's explore!

First and foremost, a weather radio should be at the top of your list. This trusty device will keep you updated on any severe weather alerts or warnings issued by authorities. It acts as a lifeline to crucial information during times when power is out or internet connections are down. You can plug this in or it can be powered off batteries too (incase the power is out).

Storm alarm to survive a tornado

Next up is a reliable flashlight. When electrical power fails, darkness surrounds us. A flashlight becomes our guiding light, helping us navigate through unfamiliar spaces with caution and confidence.

Emergency kit for storms

Stocking up on dried food that can last for a month is another wise decision. During storms or tornadoes, grocery stores may become inaccessible or supplies could run low. Having an ample supply of nourishing non-perishable food items ensures that you won't go hungry while waiting out inclement weather conditions.

Emergency kit for storms and survival

Water is one of life's most vital resources, so don't forget to stash some canned water in your basement storage area as well. These cans are specifically designed for long-term storage and can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising their contents.

Emergency storm can water for storm survival

Batteries are essential for powering up various devices such as flashlights, radios or even medical equipment if needed. Make sure you have an assortment of batteries in different sizes readily available so that you're always able to provide energy when necessary.

Extra batteries for survival kit

Our cell phones have become lifelines in emergencies; therefore keeping one charged and ready by having a charger handy is crucial during stormy situations when communication becomes limited.

Survival kit cell phone charger

Consider investing in a generator if possible - this would be immensely helpful during extended power outages as it provides an alternative source of electricity for essential appliances like refrigerators or medical equipment. Below is a gas/propane generator and a solar generator.

Survival kit generator

Here is a solar generator option:

Survival kit solar generator

Lastly, don't forget about clothing. Keep a few sets of comfortable clothes in your basement as you may end up spending extended periods there. This will ensure that you stay warm and comfortable while waiting for the storm to pass. Don't forget socks and shoes too!

Remember, it's always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared when it comes to storm or tornado preparedness. By keeping these essential items in your basement, you can increase your chances of riding out the storm and staying safe until help arrives.

Stay safe and be prepared!


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