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African Safari, Texas Style!

Our crew enjoying a fun day!

We really enjoyed our recent visit to San Antonio. It's such a fun city with so many different things to do we can always do something...oftentimes several when we visit. There's also usually something we wanted to get to, but just didn't have time!

Fletcher enjoying the view!

Hudson telling us where the animals are!

Probably our favorite stop on this latest trip was to the Wildlife Ranch. They describe themselves as an African Safari, Texas Style. By now, many of you likely know that our boys are animal lovers, so this was an obvious stop for us. It was a huge hit, for reasons you'll see in our video. Make sure you watch the video because I share some tips of things we would have done differently, should you ever visit this park or one like it. Also, if you're liking our videos, make sure you subscribe to our Brevity YouTube channel! That's how you get to see the latest and greatest.


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